Steven Vaught

Steven Vaught

Recent MSc Physics Graduate


Steven Vaught is a recent MSc Physics graduate with a passion for technology and mathematics. His voyage into programming started with scripting simple data-oriented tasks related to experimental Polymer Physics research, and has exploded into a an intense excitement for all things computing related. He spends most of his time playing with software or with family.


  • Python
  • C/C++
  • Java


  • MSc in Physics, 2020

    Texas A&M University - Commerce

  • BSc in Physics, 2018

    Texas A&M University - Commerce



Graduate Research Assistant

Texas A&M University - Commerce

Aug 2018 – Jun 2020 Texas
  • Developed and iterated on custom Python & Bash scripts to cleanse and analyze more than 13.4 GB of data.
  • Devised and improved on novel process for covering thin films in less than 3 months resulting in reducing polymer degradation by over 300%.
  • Correlated energy and polarization of conjugated polymer emission and reconciled experimental analysis with more than 50 references to relevant scientific literature.
  • Coordinated collaboration with other researchers to evaluate experimental designs and propose improvements.
  • Presented research at 3 events (Including Pathways Annual Symposium, 2019) and successfully defended thesis to committee of experienced physicists.
  • Worked extensively with optical equipment and solvents in a laboratory setting and frequently solved critical problems that impeded experimental progress.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Texas A&M University - Commerce

Aug 2018 – Jun 2020 Texas
  • Led over 200 students in meaningful discussion while motivating key concepts and stimulating interest in higher level ideas.
  • Replaced 8 labs in the introductory physics lab curriculum in less than 1 week to better reflect student learning objectives and limited laboratory equipment.
  • Worked one on one with students to gain insight into their understanding so as to strengthen their reasoning with physics related ideas.
  • Instructed the following courses: Quantum Mechanics, Classical Electromagnetism, University Physics 1 & 2, and General Physics 1 & 2

Assistant Perishable Manager

Brookshires Grocery Company

Apr 2013 – Jul 2020 Texas
  • Trained and led a small team of 3 people, ensuring that all goals were completed in a timely manner each day.
  • Maintained accurate reports of inventory with an average error of 2.3%.
  • Utilized the company’s inventory management system in conjunction with team efforts to reduce shrink on gross by 3.4% in less than 6 months.
  • Enforced company policy at a high level and achieved 100% passing rate for internal audits.
  • Worked in other roles with varying degrees of responsibility: Grocery Manager, Meatcutter, Cashier, Grocery Stocker, and Produce Stocker.



Website generating sentences with Markov Chain Models using Python/Flask

CHIP-8 Emulator

Implementation of the CHIP-8 Virtual Machine using Java/Swing

Infection Simulation

Simulation using molecular dynamics to model disease spread.


Application that performs calculations using material information stored in an SQLite database